Day 17. Artur has a dream…to have a dignified home!

Artur is 6 years old and has been with ALG since the beginning of this year, when he joined the UPG Portugal Sponsoring Programme in Chongoene, Xai Xai. He lives with his parents and one sister. Artur’s parents do not have a permanent job, his father is only able to do odd jobs and sometimes he works in the farming plots.

Artur’s family is extremely underprivileged, hence ALG decided also to support the sister – Artild, to provide another basic basket for the family and enable Artild to attend school as well.

This family’s house is made of reed, and it is in poor conditions, has wholes letting in the wind and the rain. The new houses will be made of stronger materials, such as bricks, and will have doors and windows.

Get to know Fito, Paulino, Moises, Sidónio and Cleyton who may also benefit from this infra-structure programme ALG is creating.

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