Day 1 Fito has a dream…to have a home that protects him!

Sponsoring Programme, at São Vicente de Paulo School, in Chokwé. He lives with his mother and a sister; his father abandoned the family a long time ago. Fito’s mother does not work, has no income, and only manages to do odd jobs to provide for everyone.

Fito’s house is made of reeds, hence protection against the wind and the rain is not ideal.

A Little Gesture plans to make new homes for these children!

The new houses are more resistant, they are built with bricks and have windows and doors, the estimated value is c. 4’000£

A Little Gesture Housing programme promotes the restoration and rebuilding of family housing infrastructures, including basic sanitation such as latrines. This initiative also involves the acquisition of items such as mattresses and kitchen appliances. In the rural communities of Chongoene, Xai-Xai and Chokwé, households have in average 5 members, and they live in basic accommodation subject to weather conditions and with precarious safety and hygiene conditions. A Little Gesture guarantees the improvement of living conditions for these families, by creating a safe and dignified environment, with basic health and hygiene conditions which enables children to grow in a happy and healthy manner


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