Day 18. Mozambikes – new space…new customers!

With children growing up in the several ALG projects, we have been supporting more initiatives focused on the youngsters. In 2021, the youngster’s group at the HIV Day Care Centre learned how to do bikes’ maintenance.

The HIV Day Care Centre bike maintenance workshop has a new area. To be able to reach more customers and work in a service provision location, the workshop is now located at the Manjangue’s local market! All the youngsters are motivated with this new step of the business and made sure they shared it with everyone during the last Basic Baskets distribution.

A good example of this motivation is our Odilio, Odilio is 19 years-old and has been with ALG since 2014, when he joined the HIV Day Care Centre at Sta. Luisa de Marillac School, in Chokwé. Odilio is an orphan and only lives with one sister. Despite everything he is a hard-working young man who reads maths books for fun.

Last year, Odilio was part of the Moçambikes training. Excited with his new skill, after the training, he went home to practice what he learned during the day. When the workshop was relocated to the local market, Odilio was more excited than ever to work with new customers and their bikes. Odilio found a new passion – bicycles, and now he uses part of his time to train the younger children.

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