Day 3. Paulino has a dream …having a roof over his head!

Paulino is 11 years old and has been with ALG since 2017, when he joined the UPG Portugal Sponsoring Programme, Growing up with UPG at André’s Pre-school, in Xai. Paulino lives with his parents and one brother. To provide for the family Paulino’s mother has a farming plot where she grows beans and peanuts, and his father works as a tailor in Limpompo’s market.

In his spare time Paulino helps with the house chores and as a keen student he never skips his homework.

Paulino’s house is made of reeds, and it is subject to the harshness of the weather conditions. The new houses are made of more resistant materials like bricks and have windows and doors.

A Little Gesture Housing programme promotes the restoration and rebuilding of family housing infrastructures, including basic sanitation such as latrines. This initiative also involves the acquisition of mattresses and kitchen appliances. In the rural communities of Chongoene, Xai-Xai and Chokwé, households have an average of 5 members, and they live in basic accommodation, subject to weather conditions, with precarious safety and hygiene conditions.

Find out more about the our Housing Programme here


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