Day 22. Célia has a dream… to have a dry sleeping mattress!

Célia is 15 years-old, and has been with ALG since 2013, when she joined UPG Portugal Sponsoring Programmme at S. Vicente de Paulo School, in Chokwé. Abandoned by her father, Célia lived up to September of the current year with her two brothers and her mother. Unfortunately, her mother died, and the children are now looked after by a grandmother and an aunt.

Despite all difficulties, aggravated by an extremely degraded house, letting in the rain and the wind, Célia is a very dedicated student and always goes to school.

The new houses ALG intends to build will be made of more resistant materials, such as bricks, and will have windows and doors.

Get to know FitoPaulinoMoisesSidónioCleyton and Artur who may also benefit from this infra-structure programme ALG is creating.

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