Day 23: A Special Surprise!

Most ALG children have lost one of the parents or depend upon the help of siblings, other relatives, or neighbours. These children need a lot of care and affection. Thus, our sister charity UPG Portugal encourages all their sponsors to provide more than a financial help, they are incentivized to get in touch with their sponsored child and to establish a caring relationship with them.


This is not always possible due to communication difficulties and logistic constraints, but all Programmes have an email address available for Sponsors to send their messages. Usually, the local technician prints them and takes the message to the sponsored child.

This year, a class of students sponsored Nachuria from the Chongoene Mission, in the rural communities. We managed to organize a video call between Nachuria and Teacher Paula’s class, where children had the opportunity of asking questions to Nachuria who, helped by local technician Arnaldo, managed to answer, and satisfy their curiosity!

It was a moment of great joy where, physically, and culturally, distant children managed to share moments of great complicity!

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