Day 24: Menaiva and the ABC!

Menaiva, is 8 years-old and joined the HIV Day Care Centre, at Sta. Luísa de Marillac School, in 2021. Menaiva was abandoned by her parents, and she currently lives with an aunt. When she arrived at the centre, Menaiva struggled with the Portuguese language, and she could not even write her own name.


With all the support and incentive received from Mano Leonildo (our psychologist), everything changed. Nowadays, Menaiva can write her name and she can even copy many other words from the blackboard. She can even teach her friend, Preciosa, who recently entered the HIV Day Care Centre.

Menaiva says that she wants to be a teacher to be able to help children to have a better future. Congratulations Menaiva for all your achievements.

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