Day 1: Elisio Alexandre Muhale;

Crescer com UPG, Xai-Xai

Elisio Alexandre Muhale was part of the sponsorship for 14 years. He is one of the boys we have the greatest pleasure to see GROW!

Elisio and his family were located in a new home in 2018, financed by UPG. Elisio left the sponsorship program so that he could learn to craft: he completed a Technical course on painting and on Civil Constructions and is now a painter. Elisio is one of the greatest examples for younger children and fills us with great pride. 

UPG started the Sponsorships in 2004 with 50 children. Ten years later, the programme supports c. 900 children in Xai-Xai, Chongoene and Chokwé. Each child is allocated a sponsor and ensured school access and food (either at school or in the form of a food basket).

In addition to material goods, Sponsorships provide underprivileged children with care and kindness from a series of very attentive sponsors.  

The UPG Sponsorship establishes long-term relationships between children and sponsors of Portuguese language.

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