Day 2: Miliona Camilo Macaringue;

São Vicente de Paulo, Chokwé

Miliona was part of our sponsorship program for 9 years. She is one of the girls we have the greatest pleasure to see GROW!

Miliona remains a part of the UPG in an amazing way: She is a University Scholarship Holder and Monitor of the Study Support Room in São Vicente de Paulo every morning. Miliona is an extraordinary example for many other younger girls. Miliona is now currently taking a Pharmaceutical Course.

Our Uni and Technical Scholarships help financing the academic and living costs of under privileged and aspirational young adults that dream in enrolling in a Technical or a University Course. In 2019, 10 Scholarship Students, 20% of them girls, beneficiated from ALG Uni Scholarships: Alfredo, Artimiza, Ilidio, Júlio, Orcídio, Pedro Arão, Silvestre, Vasco, Miliona e Sérgio, with an annual cost of 4.904£.

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