ALG Internal Financial Controls Policy – Check and Ready to Go!

In line with the Charity Commission’s guidance, the Trustees of ALG -A Little Gesture have approved the adoption of an Internal Financial Controls Policy in October 2018. 

This policy aims to assist the ALG Trustees in the evaluation of the charity’s performance against the legal requirements and good practice recommendations. The implementation of this policy results in filling in a self-assessment checklist every time ALG’s performance is reviewed.

The ALG review the charity’s performance in depth, at least once every year. The answers provided in this self-assessment checklist are based on the Trustees’ knowledge of what actually happens in the charity.

The ALG internal financial controls policy will be reviewed by ALG Trustees annually and will be updated on as need basis, in line with the Charity Commission’s guidance. 
Please, contact ALG Trustees for any further information and our annual checklist!

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