Quito now has milk

Quito Bento Machalele is 4 years old, he lives with his grandmother and is in year 2 at Preschool Flor da Infância. He likes games at school and moves around with great ease, but he’s not as good with the dances that they teach at school.  His favourite part is ‘ mata bicho ‘ – breakfast time (means kill the bug).

At first, there wasn’t food for Quito, He knows that now there is always ‘mata bicho’ (the breakfast) and lunch. Sometimes he drinks something he didn’t know before, milk, he even finds it tasty. He doesn’t know where all these good things come from, he’s heard of ‘a little gesture’ and he somehow learned to say ‘ Khanimambo ‘. ‘Obrigado’ is the word he says best in Portuguese. 

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