Rest in peace Sister Aparecida 🧡

Yesterday, we have received the sad news of Sister Aparecida’s passing. Sister Aparecida was a very special nun for A Little Gesture. Even though we don’t hear as much about her in recent years, Sister Aparecida was there even before A Little Gesture was created and was close to our work for over 10 years.

When “Mana” Sara arrived in Mozambique, Sister Aparecida received her with open arms in Escolinha do André, showing her how the school worked, the Sponsoring program, introducing her to the families and the children. You would easily find her between the admin office or the football field, one moment telling off a teacher, another laughing out loud with one of the children. Through the eyes of someone who lived each day with love and compassion for the other, “Mana” Sara got to know a piece of Mozambique which led to the creation of A Little Gesture.

Sister Aparecida was a bundle of joy, always youthful in her way of being, always with a joke up her sleeve, a story from her hometown, a smile to cheer up anyone passing by her door.

In 2007, she became a Partner to A Little Gesture in the Santa Catarina pre-school, which still exists today as a product of her strength and belief that each little gesture can change the world. She has dedicated heart and soul to those children and teachers and, thanks to her work, the community is growing. It was also Sister Aparecida that worked with the local Priests of Chongoene to take A Little Gesture to the rural communities, where today we sponsor c. 400 children. Her dedication was to youngsters and elders alike, and she walked for miles to support the elderly population of the community, with the support of A Little Gesture’s elderly fund, bringing them food, basic goods and no doubt, a word of appreciation. Her legacy will remain.

Sister Aparecida thought us how to think differently, how to be bold and brave. She was rigorous with her work and never forgot the ultimate goal of her calling and her dedication to help others. It is with a sad heart that we see her depart, but it is also with a full heart that we remember each moment we got to spend with her. Thank you Sister Aparecida. Together for the Children

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