Day 20: Junior and his Love for dance

Júnior is 13 years-old and is with ALG since 2018, when he entered the HIV Day Care Centre. A place where, along with 37 children who live with HIV, he receives 4 daily meals and specific and extremely necessary medical assistance.


Júnior lives with his grandmother (Angélica), who is the school’s cook, and three siblings, 2 of them are under our sister charity’s – UPG Portugal Sponsoring Program.

Until recently Júnior did not show any particular interest for any activity. This year, when the Day Care Centre organised dancing cultural activities for children and youngsters, Júnior surprised everyone. He became one of the more engaged ones, participating in Xigubo (traditional dance from the south of the Gaza Province) and Scotani (traditional dance from South Africa).

Currently, Júnior teaches the younger children, he is a reference and an example to the older and younger colleagues at the Centre.  

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