Day 17: Almiro, Xigubo’s volunteer teacher.

18-year-old Almiro, is a young man sponsored by UPG Portugal since 2013. He is very responsible and dedicated to school, he has always been very diligent and punctual. During his free time, he helps his mum in the farming plot (machamba).


Recently, he began to participate in the Xigubo youngsters’ groups in Chokwé, along with Teacher Carlos, who is a reference in this dance, in the city. Almiro’s involvement in the After-School Support activities in S. Vicente de Paulo is such that, along with monitor Henriques, they organized several classes with the younger children. Almiro is responsible for choosing the songs, the moves and by sharing the Xigubo culture with the children. He teaches all the steps and also plays the djembe to enable children to dance.

After a successful job at S. Vicente de Paulo school, in July, Almiro was invited by the day Care Centre to teach the attending children. They already made public performances.

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