Day 16: Constância’s Dad’s stall is ready to start again

Constância is 14 years-old and is with ALG since 2017, when she entered the HIV Day Care Centre, at Sta. Luísa de Marillac school, in Chokwé. This Centre secures medical support, adequate nutrition, hygiene care, school follow-up, playful activities and psychological support for children living with HIV AIDS.


This family’s income came from the sale of produce from dad’s stand at the city’s market. When dad became ill, the family struggled and did not have any money to continue buying produce to sell to the surrounding community (instead of having to go to the city). Thus, at the end of the year, ALG decided to support Constância and her family with the initial produce to start-up her stand (closer to home), thus helping the family to recover from a difficult moment.

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