Day 15: Basket distribution, a moment of reunion!

Our sister charity UPG Portugal, began its sponsoring activities in 2004 with 30 children. 18 years later it sponsors 1000 children in Xai- Xai (Chongoene rural communities and Grow with UPG) and Chokwé (Sta. Luisa de Marillac and S. Vicente de Paulo).

Besides the material assets, sponsoring brings care and attention from loving sponsors to extremely deprived children.

Sponsoring finances mainly a basic basket with food items and education.


The monthly distribution of the basic basket is an incentive for children to attend school. It can include beans, rice, vegetables, oil, flour, washing liquid and protein (which can vary between chicken or fish);

Distribution days are always joyful moments for all the children and their families. It is a moment of union and sharing during which we approach several subjects and where families can resort to our technicians for some necessary support.

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