Day 14: Valentina…the “mini supervisor” of the São Vicente de Paulo Pre-School

By enabling children from underprivileged communities’ access to education, ALG pre-school’s goal is to reduce child’s delinquency and allow parents to have a professional occupation during school hours.

Valentina and Mariana are a successful example in several areas. Since the beginning of 2022, Mariana is our cook at S. Vicente de Paulo pre-school and her daughter Valentina, also attends the pre-school. Thus, Mariana is able to have a job and secure a salary (during the whole year) and she has the assurance of knowing her daughter is learning in a safe place.

Valentina enjoys pre-school and loves to wait for mum to finish her chores, since Valentia is the centre of attention of the remaining team. Afterwards, they go home together. Valentina is our technical team “mini supervisor” during the afternoon shift 😊

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