Day 13: Alfa… into the world of braids and hairstyles

Alfa is 16 years old and is part of the ALG family: She is currently in Day Care Centre for HIV. A centre that assures medical support, medication, food, hygiene, academic support, playful activities, and professional psychological support for children affected by HIV.

In 2019 A Little Gesture financed a new house for Alfa to live in better conditions with her Mum and 6 Brothers. Alfa is a great student, she was even on honours board in 2018, an amazing friend and a very sweet girl. Despite all the difficulties, Alfa is a happy child!

This year we discovered that Alfa was sought out by her friends to compose hairstyles, and she did it with pleasure. Demonstrating talent and a willingness to work, A Little Gesture decided to support Alfa and give her the opportunity to start her small ” walking” hairdressing business, in which she sells products and does hairstyles. Alfa has had the support of the older girls to practice…she has been very successful!

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