Day 12: Thank you, Sister Antónia, for your deep dedication!

Sister Antonia was born in São Paulo, Brazil, on the 13th of June 1961.  She is a physiotherapist by training and has several other courses, Sister Antonia radiates energy and joy.

She is a true “Jack of all trades”, and was eager to share her knowledge and abilities, which ranged from baking (cakes, bread, etc.) to crafts, herbal remedies – herbal tinctures to cure muscular pains, medicines, and ointments. Sister Antónia also produced perfumes, soap, candles, shampoo, face creams, clay objects, and decorations with natural materials, jewellery, biscuit, and various recycling projects.

Her religious life began 31 years ago with the Congregation Daughters of Charity/Vincentian Sisters…. Since March 2015 we have had the pleasure to rely upon Sister Antónia’s excellent contribution at Santa Luisa de Marillac School in Manjangue, where she oversaw the technical courses – a position that allowed her to share her endless artistic knowledge and to unleash her imagination, inspiring the c.900 students. In October 2017, Sister Antónia was formally elected by the Vincentian congregation as the new person in charge of Santa Luisa Marillac, becoming the new UPG Portugal Local Partner.

The Congregation allocated Sister Antónia to another project, but she will always be present at St. Louise’s School, her legacy will remain forever in this project.

This sister was always “part of the ALG team”, fighting for the continuity of our projects. She will be missed, both locally and at the Headquarters 

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