Day 8: Lavinesse, the poet

Lavinesse is 12 years-old and is with ALG since 2015, when she entered the HIV Day Care Centre. She was also part of UPG Portugal Sponsoring Program, through which Lavinesse and her family receive a monthly basic basket. To receive this basket Lavinesse has to fulfil the crucial requirement of attending school.

Lavinesse is a good girl, who rarely misses school (unless she’s ill). When she has free time, she helps with the home chores and only plays afterwards.

During the past years, she has revealed a great talent to recite poetry, and 2022 was not different. During the year’s two sporting events, Lavinesse won the poetry reciting award due to her performance filled with emotion. In November, during the last sporting event, she recited the poem “School is” by Paulo Freire and everyone was overwhelmed with emotion.

We’ll keep following Lavinesse’s talent! It is wonderful to see our children and youngsters grow!

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