Day 7: Yuyara’s favorite places at Escolinha Flor da Infância

In 2022, Yuyara discovered a new favourite play: the make-believe corner! The methodology used by Escolinha Flor da Infância teacher enables children to experience, through make believe theatre, activities common to the community’s adult life, such as going to the market, sale of goods, trading produce from the farming plot. The activities rotate and, during the day, every child goes through the three different corners: the Make-believe corner, the Building corner and the Board Games and Drawing corner. But Yuyara’s favourite is the Make-believe corner!

In 2019, she began her trail as an ALG Scholarship holder. The shy and childish look of the first years gave way to an attentive, curious, and confident look. One year later, Miliona decided to “give back” to our children. She became part of the local team and started contributing to the development of several children. As Miliona was influenced throughout her childhood, which changed her life, now she also wants to make a difference in the life of other children.

This year Miliona graduated in Pharmacy, she had 18 in her final exam, and concluded her degree with an amazing 16!

As if it wasn’t enough, Miliona has been part of ALG’s local team for 2 years now, supporting S. Vicente de Paulo School – SVP’s School Feeding is about to begin the Winners Program, as a Mentor of the 7th grade children.

Miliona is an example for many girls. She is a young driven and extremely committed girl who graduated in Pharmacy this year, Her dream is to have her own pharmacy and to be able to support her community in Chokwé.

ALG University Scholarships provide young, motivated, and underprivileged students the opportunity of completing their university studies. ALG University scholarship holders are preferably students who previously benefited from the UPG Portugal sponsoring programme, or community youngsters involved with ALG such as local technicians, teachers, or volunteers, with proven merit and eager to study.

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