Day 5: Milerva and her contagious joy!

Milerva, is 3 years old, a little girl with an easy smile. She is attending the S. Vicente de Paulo Preschool, where she makes the other children’s days happier. She is the soul of the room, always happy and cheerful, and always willing to help the teachers and all the other kids.

She is a very expressive, very dynamic, and very happy little girl. She is the most cheerful girl in her classroom.

The ALG Pre-Schools provide underprivileged children, between 3-5 years of age, with pre-school education and meals in a safe and educational environment. The Escolinhas (“Little Schools”) offer children with no means to attend a kindergarten access to a space for developing their skills and study habits. Children at risk of marginalization and becoming “street kids” receive attention, care, and the guarantee of a daily meal at the ALG Pre-Schools. A total of 160 children attends daily classes at EFI Escolinha Flôr da Infância, at ESC Escolinha de Santa Catarina and at S. Vicente de Paulo School

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