Day 3: Rafael and Isac and the discovery of their talent for tailoring

Today it is time for the most famous pair, Rafael, and Isaac, from the Sta. Luisa de Marilac school. Two young men who are part of the HIV Day Care Centre Youth Club and will graduate from the Centre this year.

Rafael is our bad boy, with a very good heart Today he is 21 years old (he joined us in 2014, with 16 years old). Over the last few years, we have seen him evolve a lot – he keeps a smile on his face and is still very playful with his friends, but he also shows a lot more maturity.

Isac is now 18 years old (he joined us in 2017 at the age of 13), lives with his mother, who is sick, and 2 brothers. His mother works in the machamba (vegetable garden), the only income for the whole family. One of Isaac’s greatest desires is to have a job so he can help his mother,

The two continue to be supported by A Little Gesture, through the HIV Day Care Centre. 2022 was a very good year for these two young men, they started working as tailors with Abílio, who has taught them everything about cutting and sewing. At this moment Rafael and Isac are already responsible for the uniforms of the children at the HIV Day Care Centre for 2023!

We are so proud of these two boys. For an annual cost of £19 250 The HIV Day Care Centre Provides a complete and totally personalized programme for hiv/aid infected children, on a day care basis, ensuring adequate nutrition, medication, and medical assistance with pastoral and psychological support.

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