Day 2: Almira and her dream of becoming a teacher!

Almira is 20 years old and has always been a girl with an easy smile. She has been with A Little Gesture for the past 10 years, when she joined us as a UPG Portugal Sponsoring child. She lives with her mother and her five siblings. His father, who was military, worked as a driver. One day on the way to Chókwè, Manjangue, he had a car accident and eventually died. To support the family, the mother sells tomatoes and vegetables at the market.

Almira has always been a very helpful young woman and has always helped with the After Class Support and the basket distributions. For her these moments were a way to give back to the children what had also been given to her. Her love and passion for teaching led her to where she is today. Almira is a After Class Support monitors at Sta. Luisa de Marillac school and supports Geronimo in classroom activities.

Her dream is to become a teacher, and this year she could be even closer to it, if she gets approved for the teacher training course.

Good luck Almira… We are right behind you.

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