Day 1: Henriques…from sponsored child to monitor of the year!

Henriques Tivane, is 18 years old, has been with ALG since 2014, where he was part of the UPG Portugal Sponsoring Programme at the S. Vicente de Paulo School in Chokwé. He lives with his parents, who although they work do not have many resources.

Henriques has always been a good student, very well-behaved, and very hardworking. He has always enjoyed reading and writing, and his favourite subject was Portuguese. In After Class Support, he was even chosen as one of the best students and always showed a talent for giving support to other students.

Today Henriques is a After Class Support monitor in SVP and an example to the other kids. 2022 was a great year for him, as he was responsible for implementing 3 big cultural activities in SVP: Xigubo dance, Scotani and Marrabenta (local traditional dance mainly danced by girls)

After Class Support gives children the enthusiasm of learning and the comfort of a well-deserved snack. ALG After Class Support are educational spaces designed to support schoolchildren. The access is free and post-classes for deprived communities with low schooling rates. In addition to the SVP and SLM Schools, we have also expanded this project to the Escolinha Flor da Infância and the Escolinha de Sta. Catarina.

For an annual cost of £1.824, (£6 228 in SVP, € £4 228 in SLM, £1 089 in EFI and £330 in ESC) ALG finances After Class Support, benefiting c. 520 children.

This project improves the education quality and promotes a higher interest to study, avoiding school abandonment by extremely vulnerable children. 

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