Back to School Campaign!

The Study Support Classes, are a strong resource, as they not only contribute to the improvement of the children’s school performance, but also allow the development of reading, writing, mathematics, dictation and educational culture (citizenship) activities.

The ALG After-Classes Support Centres are development spaces where poorer children can develop and strengthen their learning skills. ALG finances after-class support to promote study habits and interest in education on the more underprivileged children of these schools, children that usually are already under UPG Portugal’s sponsored programme.This project selects younger and vulnerable children to improve their school performance, to feel incentivised and to avoid abandoning school at an early stage.

Recognising the impact of Study Support, A Little Gesture decided to expand, in 2021, this project to the Pre-School, Escolinha Flor da Infância and this year to Escolinha de Sta. Catarina

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