Day 21. Sister Anatercia takes over the Day Care Center.

In September a new Sister arrived at ALG’s HIV Day Care Centre. In charge of exclusively supervising this project, Sister Anatércia is 36 years-old and was born in Matola, Maputo. She studied Accounting and for 3 years she was a refrigeration technician at a Portuguese company in Mozambique. Afterwards, Anatércia decided to join the Vincentian Sisters and started to work with children and elderly people in Tete. Later on, Sister Anatércia began working with ALG at Sta. Luisa de Marillac School, in Chokwé.

Sister Anatércia enjoys cooking and decorating tables and rooms. It was her interest in decoration that led her to carry out several art & crafts activities at the Day Care Centre.

Thus, during the school holidays, she implemented a new activity to promote children’s attendance and to be able to know each one of them. Talented in reusing old materials, Sister Anatércia started up an arts & crafts clinic with recycled materials to stimulate children’s creativity, know hidden talents and create new decorations.

Children were divided into 4 groups, each one responsible for different materials (paper, magazines, plastic bottles, towels, and cement), children made pots, boxes, bags, pencil cases and embroidered their names and numbers onto their uniforms. The activity was fundamental to promote familiarity with HIV Day Care Centre children.

This activity was extremely important not only to observe the behaviour of each child, but also to promote a happy and peaceful moment during the school break.

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