Day 19. Agredisse, our girl who gave back!

Agredisse is 20 years-old and she has been with ALG since she was 8 and she joined our sister charity UPG Portugal Sponsoring Programme at S. Vicente de Paulo School, in Chokwé. Agredisse lives with her mother and one sister

Her family is very poor with meagre sources of income. The two daughters look after the house since the mother spends most of the time at the market trying to sell produce. Agredisse has always been closely linked to ALG, in 2018 while she attended the 11th grade, she began helping our Local Technician during the Basic Baskets’ distributions, taking pictures, and organising produce.

Her “job” worked out so well and her commitment was such that, this year, we decided Agredisse would start joining the After-School Support on SVP, three times a week to help our local technicians with reports and, more importantly, to talk to the sponsored children, sharing her experience and showing them the importance of studying and working hard to have a better future.

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