Day 14. Arnaldo training for professional development.

Remember ALG Technician Arnaldo? We have mentioned him several times throughout the years (here, here, here and here).

This time he surprised us when, last November, he decided to organise a series of training and coaching sessions. The first one was aimed at his team and addressed the professional development subject.

According to Arnaldo “this training was addressed to my collaborators and colleagues, and I approached areas such as behaviour, and skills. I also tried to learn more about their values, identity, and personality. I was able to use a few images to assess the behaviour of each participant when faced with different scenarios created by me, and thus develop a few tests.

The objective of this goal is essentially linked to customer service and service provision situations where self-knowledge enables us to address others in the best possible way.

Also in November, when Arnaldo visited Santa Luísa de Marillac School, in Manjangue, he used the opportunity to share his knowledge with the kids from the Mozambikes workshop, sharing a few sales’ techniques with them and strengthening the idea that they cannot give up and must fight for their future.

Arnaldo hopes to have “helped changing the mindset, professional area and the lives of the youngsters” and these youngsters have certainly learned a lot with the experience from someone as entrepreneurial as Arnaldo.

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