Day 12. Victoria, the mentor who activates female power

Victoria is one of Miragem project’s mentors. In partnership with Girl Move, Mirage project developed a mentorship amongst the eldest girls in the After-School Support and the girls attending the 7th, 10th, and 12th grades, undergoing final exams. For Victoria this project was “crucial to acquire new competencies and additional experience”.

For ALG this project is based on the development and promotion of academic skills through relating with female role models. Its main goal is the applicants’ success and an exchange of experiences and mutual support amongst all participants.

The Miragem project took place in the two ALG After-­School Support rooms – one in Chokwé and the other in Manjangue – and each area had five Junior Mentors, accompanied by one Senior Mentor, in charge of organising the sessions’ contents and subjects. Miragem brought girls of different ages closer together, tried to reduce school dropout rates and guaranteed better academic outcomes.

Thus, ALG believes to be developing a stronger community, with successful women and better conditions to achieve their goals and dreams.

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