Day 11. Miliona, a Future Chemist

Miliona is an ALG University Scholarship holder who is about to conclude her degree! Miliona used to be a UPG Portugal Sponsored child and after finishing her secondary education she wished to continue studying. After applying for an ALG University Scholarship, Miliona began studying Pharmacy at the Administration and Health Sciences Institute.

Being a driven and committed young women, Miliona’s dream is to have her own pharmacy and to be able to support and help her community in Chokwé. Now, at the final stage of her degree Miliona is doing an internship in Chibugo rural area, along with 8 colleagues. This internship has a duration of c.18 weeks, began in August, and will end around mid-December.

Miliona is getting ready for the final exams and dreams with graduation day. Best of luck Miliona!

ALG University Scholarships provide young, motivated, and underprivileged students the opportunity of completing their university studies. ALG University scholarship holders are preferably students who previously benefited from the UPG Portugal sponsoring programme, or community youngsters involved with ALG such as local technicians, teachers, or volunteers, with proven merit and eager to study.

These youngsters are usually from Chongoene, Chokwé or Xai-Xai, where they tend to return to after concluding their studies, with greater skills and higher education, to benefit the local community.

ALG University Scholarship Holders returned to online classes, a problematic measure considering that all the youngsters are underprivileged and do not have computers/tablets, or access to unlimited internet data packages. Thus, ALG supported them with monthly internet data packages to enable these youngsters to follow the classes and to complete their assignments through their mobile phones. This initiative began in April 2020, after the closing out of schools.

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