Day 9. Technical Courses are back, and Ivanildo dreams of becoming an electrician!

Ivanildo is a UPG Portugal sponsored child since 2013, he is an orphan, and his family is extremely underprivileged. He lives with an aunt and his four brothers. Ivanildo is attending the 3rd Phase of the Electricity Course in Chokwé, since September, taught by IPFLAC, the Professional Training Institute in Mozambique. This is a 4-month course with a cost of c.400£, which will represent an added valued for this young man’s life.

Technical courses enable the development of skills which provide income generating tools for the youngsters.

In 2021, Technical Courses returned to Chokwé. In a local partnership with the professional training institution (IFPELAC), ALG started electricity, sewing and IT courses for a group of 27 youngsters (52% young women).

The youngsters will be assessed based on their attendance rate, a theoretical exam, and a practical test, and they will have access to an internship to consolidate their knowledge. The electricity and sewing courses will take place between September and December, while the IT course will take place during September and November. This initiative has a budgeted cost of c.9’000£.

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