Day 7. The importance of Study Support for Assa.

With another school year ending in Mozambique, at S. Vicente de Paulo and Santa Luísa de Marillac Schools we are now assessing the outcomes of the projects during another hectic year.

In 2021, ALG rethought its approach regarding the After-School Support and introduced different activities.

We introduced lectures for the youngsters on important local subjects, such as sexuality, bullying, educational relevance, gender inequality, early pregnancy, and marriage. Several initiatives gained a more informal approach, with group conversations and discussions, and also educational activities, promoting a higher involvement for these youngsters.

After-School Support classes are a valuable tool, contributing not only to improve the children’s school performance, but also enabling the development of reading, writing skills and knowledge on maths and citizenship.

An example of this initiative’s importance is our Assa. Assa is 14 years old and is with ALG since 2016, when she joined UPG Portugal Sponsoring programme, at São Vicente de Paulo School, in Chokwé. She lives with her parents and two brothers with 12 and 17 years old.

For Assa, who attends the 7th grade and dreams about being a nurse, “this support is fundamental, because it helps me doing my homework and to study better”.

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