Day 6. Mama Amélia, a great female entrepreneur!

Amélia Zefanias Sambo is the grandmother of Inocência Cossa. Aged 11, Inocência has been an UPG Portugal sponsored child since 2016, when she joined UPG’s Sponsoring Programme in São Vincente de Paulo, in Chokwe. Grandma Amélia lives in a small house with her 3 grandchildren and one daughter.

“I can only say thank you for this new income generation project. I will have an improved stand, which will make a huge difference in my life. Since my stand was already in a poor shape and business was slow, with this help I will be able to increase the merchandise. If the business improves, I will be able to save some of the profits to help me out if the business relapses again. I will also be able to improve my business conditions and save the other part of the profits to improve my family’s living conditions.”

Women’s empowerment, whether by education, training, or financial resources, strengthens self-confidence, reduces gender inequality, and incentivizes women and girls to stand up and fight for their rights. The more empowered these women are, the more power and control over their lives they will have.

ALG income generation initiative, besides contributing financially to improve these families living conditions, seeks to promote the empowerment and professional development of these women.

All these moms’ businesses are based on the sale of produce in stalls at their doorsteps, or at the local market.

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