Day 5. Sérgio…the entrepreneurial electrician!

Sergio Alfredo Cumbane in 21 years old and has been with A Little Gesture since 2008, when he joined the UPG Portugal Sponsoring Programme through which he received a monthly Basic Basket, school material and a school uniform. To help his family, Sérgio was a regular presence at the market, selling plastic bags and also helped his mother on the farming plot. Sérgio was always a good hard-working student.

After completing his secondary education, he confided to us that he would like to continue studying. So, in 2019, ALG proudly awarded him a University Scholarship, to study Electricity at the Inhamissa Technical School.

Today, almost finishing his course, Sérgio took the initiative of selling electricity supplies to gain more customers. A Little Gesture supported this entrepreneurial initiative and Sérgio is selling and gathering new customers, like ALG’s Technician Arnaldo, who owns an IT Centre.

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