Day 4. Dulce and Célia, a special help in the After-School Support. 

The After-School Support is more than a learning classroom, it is a place to promote mutual help amongst children and youngsters. Dulce and Celina are young women whose dream is to become teachers. Thus, they asked Monitor Gerónimo if they could help him during classes and clarify children’s doubts. These committed young women were crucial to strengthen children’s education after classes suspension due to Covid-19.

Dulce and Celina were a major help to Monitor Gerónimo and all the children, they were always available to help everyone with the difficulties registered when studying different subjects, specifically Portuguese language. These two young women’s dream is to become teachers, and they enjoy gaining experience in the education area by helping their colleagues.

ALG After-School Support consists of classes aimed at extremely vulnerable children under UPG Portugal Sponsoring Programme. After-School Support includes a snack (SLM) or a meal (SVP). This project not only strengthens children’s skills in subjects such as Maths and Portuguese, but also helps developing study habits and approaches subjects such as hygiene, health, social interaction, etc. During 2021 and, acknowledging the programme’s crucial role in providing academic support to several children, A Little Gesture supplied exercises and information sheets on several subjects. We gave priority to classes undergoing national exams and children who had just begun their studies

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