International Literacy Day

Today, we celebrate the International Literacy Day, a day to remind us of the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights.

In Mozambique is projected that 39% of the population of the Province of Gaza is illiterate. This illiteracy is more accentuated among women, reaching a total of 49% of them. This significant illiteracy is not only a direct limitation to the people, but also to the children who are part of the family household. In communities strongly marked by the local dialect (“changana”), the majority of the families do not understand, speak or write in Portuguese.

Trying to overcome this constraint increased this year due to the pandemic, schools have a bilingual approach, especially with younger children.

Threfore, ALG tries in its several projects to promote this approach and give children the confidence to express themselves in a different language.

From Pre-Schools to the sponsored children in Year 12, we organize various reading initiatives, after-class tutoring, support of materials in Portuguese and more didactic approaches to encourage communication in Portuguese.

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