ALG’s Vegetable Hut

The lack of food access is one of the biggest ALG worries that worsened due to the local pandemic context. After the success of the seeds’ distributions to several beneficiaries and families over the past months, ALG also supported the development of older children’s abilities.

ALG developed a new sustainability project, the ALG Vegetable Hut. This promotes the growth of food products in the region as well as proactivity and knowledge among the older children. At the same time children are guaranteed support to continue their academic journey as participation is scheduled on after-school time slots. The project was well-received and above expectations! With beneficiaries selected from the HIV Centre and the Sponsorship program, the youngsters receive daily support from Sister Antónia, Monitor Gerónimo, Psychologist Ácio and Mummy Nilza. The group supervises the youngsters and has been sharing the excellent work done and their positive performance.

Promoting the group’s responsibility, the pilot project has a total budget of £777.

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