Happy African Child Day

Since 1991, the African Union (OAU) has established June 16th as the International Day of the African Child, seeking to raise awareness on the need to improve the education conditions of African children.

In a total of 54 countries, it is estimated that Africa has over 400 million children and young people in its territory.  Children and young people suffer on a daily basis with the deprivation of goods necessary for life, suffering directly and indirectly from multidimensional poverty.

Mozambique is considered the 4th poorest country in the world, being only surpassed by countries such as Burundi, South Sudan and Malawi. In Mozambique, about 10 million children live in poverty facing difficulties in areas such as: food, education, health, sanitation and water, justice, violence and abuse, housing, among many others.

This is ALG’s goal and mission – to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty in Mozambique. Your Little Gesture is a Great Help to one of the 10 million Mozambican children.

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