Meet Engrácia Cuna, another entrepreneur mum!

Today we introduce you to, Engrácia, one of our “Income generation” Mom.

Engrácia Ramos Cuna is the mother of António Coelho. Aged 14, António has been an UPG Portugal sponsored child since 2015, when he joined the HIV Day Care Centre, in Sta. Luisa de Marillac, in Chokwe. Engrácia lives in a small house with her 5 children and her mother. Their financial situation worsened with the Pandemic hence, to provide for her family Engrácia had to resort to odd jobs.

“Income Generation is a good project, which will help me financially. I have been unemployed for a long time now, and I had to resort to odd jobs, which are currently very hard to find due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. This project is a great opportunity to own my own business, which fills me with joy and gratitude. I know it is a new challenge and it will be full of new experiences. With the profits I will earn, I will be able to improve my life and will be able to prepare my children’s future.”

Women’s empowerment, whether by education, training, or financial resources, strengthens self-confidence, reduces gender inequality, and incentivizes women and girls to stand up and fight for their rights. The more empowered these women are, the more power and control over their lives they will have.

ALG income generation initiative, besides contributing financially to improve these families living conditions, seeks to promote the empowerment and professional development of these women.

All these moms’ businesses are based on the sale of produce in stalls at their doorsteps, or at the local market.

This project will directly support 39 beneficiaries in total, 7 of whom are Moms and Grandmas in charge of stalls, along with the 22 children that are part of their households.

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