Day 23. During the lockdown, homework was at the window!

During the lockdown, school and children learning were put into the test, adapting to the new reality. Following the After-Class Support project goals, apart from school exercises, the After-Class Centres’ Monitors (SLM and SVP) prepared exercises and information sheets that were displayed in the school windows.

These learning materials prioritized children and youngsters with national exams by the end of the academic year (Year 5, Yea7, Year 10 and Year 12), as well as the ones that were new to the academic journey (Year 1 and Year 2). 

ALG Local Technicians were always available to answer to any doubts and support children to overcome their difficulties through calls, in Basket Distributions or promoting mutual support among neighbouring children.

This initiative has a total of £13 beneficiating c.400 students.

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