Day 20: We support the community with local business!

Once the use of face masks became widespread in our communities, ALG placed a big order to Mummy Giena. All 600 masks ordered were delivered to children on our programmes including pre-schools as well as to our local team of Technicians and Coordinators.

Mummy Giena is 52 years old and she is the mother of Abel Jr, our Local Technician in the EFI Pre-School and one of the Sponsorship programmes. She made her living as a seamstress but after she had surgery she was forced to stop working losing much of her clients and income. With ALG ordering 600 masks, she was back to work full of joy. She finally recovered her income to face day-to-day expenses but also to afford the medicines she now needs to purchase. 

Now ready for more work, Mummy Giena and the hardworking Abel thanked ALG deeply for this Little Gesture of trust and support.

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