Day 18: Pre-Schools with Baskets!

The ALG Pre-schools host children from 3 to 5 years old that usually receive food, an early years teaching experience and the love and care of their Teachers. With the States of Emergency determining the closure of all Pre-schools in the country, ALG organized Emergency Baskets with hygiene and food products for all the 219 small children.

Apart from offerig rice, dry beans and flour, products on which local meals are based, the baskets also included soap bars. The distributions were accompanied by informal lectures to demystify the Covid-19 disease and explain prevention measures. Similar typed Distributions became a routine in most ALG projects in 2020.

Our team was also concerned with children missing their educational experience so the teachers created simple and easy exercises to train motor coordination and allowing children to not lose their study routine. We cant wait to have these small boisterous children fill in our pre-schools again!

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