Day 17: Mummy Generosa…more than a Monitor

Mummy Generosa is a Monitor in the HIV Day Care Centre since September 2018. She has a crucial role encouraging children to speak in Portuguese and supporting the younger ones during their first contact with the language.

Generosa has a visible commitment to help the Centre’s children and demonstrates involvement with the Charity’s mission in general. As a result ALG also selected her as a valuable resource in one of the new Covid-19 initiatives. The In-Touch 4 Impact project was launched in partnership with other Portuguese NGO’s (Girl Move, APOIAR and PROSOCIAL) and is partly funded by Portuguese state body Instituto Camões. As an answer to increased risk factors from lockdown, it promotes mentoring towards female talent and the prevention of violence against women. Mummy Generosa has several strengths as a selected Mentor, including her maternal appeal to the young girls under the programme, offering them a safe space to communicate and discuss any topic.

Mummy Generosa is helping on a voluntary basis in this new project, with a monthly data and travel allowance of £21. On her continued work as a Monitor at the Centre, Generosa receives a monthly gratification of £42.

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