Day 13: In SLM all lent a hand to reopen!

Returning to school was one of the most anticipated moments since the end of the five-month State of Emergency in Mozambique. With new hygiene obligations and prevention measures coming up constantly, children’s return had to be well planned. 

Worried and excited about their little one’s return to school, the parents in the Manjangue community were ready to lend a hand and prepare everything together. Many helped to clean the Santa Luísa de Marillac – SLM School, from the canteen and after-class support room to the fourteen classrooms.

In such an underprivileged rural setting, support to education by guardians is a crucial aspect to secure successfull academic journeys. An involvement that gives children more confidence to pursue their studies when so many drop out early.

Under the new hygiene requirements, the first cleaning already cost £162 in materials. With many detergents and disinfectants in hand, SLM is reopening doors to children!

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