Day 10: ALG girls set the example and became Mentors!

ALG believes that the youngsters attending our After-Class Support groups have talents and many skills. We invited a select group of older girls from this group towards a new experience including them in a new mentorship project.

Three girls from São Vicente de Paulo became Mentors, role-models on a voluntary basis, having the duty and responsibility to communicate weekly with younger girls under our programmes.

Reaching Year 12 is a challenge for Mozambican women. Many end up married and pregnant early, dropping out of school, focusing on domestic chores or caring for their younger siblings. ALG battles to break this female poverty cycle!  We promote experience sharing among girls that succeeded and dream of achieving their independence, business or pursue their studies further.

This is the case of Herminia pictured, an 18-year-old girl, that chose to highlight topics such as children’s fundamental rights and how these put girls in the spotlight. Herminia mentions to all her mentees the strong message of how putting girls first guarantees them the right to education, a name, a nationality, a family and protection.

Each mentor in this annual initiative has a monthly cost of c.£21, comprehending Internet data and travel costs.

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