Day 9: The Scholarship of the Flowers blossomed again!

The Scholarship of the Flowers is a complementary support program to the EFI Pre-school project. In this program, a group of four 4-year-old class children and four 5-year-old class children are selected according to their performance during the academic year. The younger children are supported for a year or, for the older, enrol in a multi-annual support programme.

This year, our Local Technician Abel visited every Scholarship holder at their homes and mapped their current needs due to the pandemic. Most families presented evidence of hunger and lack of access to hygiene products, therefore ALG prepared a quick response with emergency baskets.

Since October, these 24 families are receiving extra support through Baskets with food (rice and dry beans), hygiene products (soap bars) and school exercises. By providing extra help, ALG expects that these children will not only overcome their immediate needs, but also keep their engagement with school so they return in the future. This initiative had a total cost of £173.

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