Day 8: The Book Club encouraged reading in quarantine!

As a direct answer to children’s poor access to education during lockdown and to promote continuous fluency in Portuguese, ALG implemented a Book Club in our HIV Day Care Centre.

In every biweekly Basket Distribution, children take home and change the book that they had previously, allowing them to continue reading and learn Portuguese in a less academic approach and more as a leisure activity. In households and a community where most people speak the local dialect (‘changana’) and many don’t speak or understand Portuguese, these books formed a bridge between children and the Centre.

Every child has been taking home their favourite books, an activity very much appreciated at the Centre. After finishing their homework and after-school support tasks, children always ran to the HIV Centre Library. 

Children loved this initiative that had a total cost of £70 to reinforce the Centre’s existing library, generously supported by The Egmont Trust.

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