Day 6: We Activate Feminine Talent!

The long lockdown and repeated States of Emergency meant more risks to women with an increase in domestic violence and school dropouts. ALG joined a consortium of Portuguese NGOs (Girl MoveAPOIAR and PROSOCIAL, partly financed by Instituto Camões) under the In-Touch 4 Impact project to promote female security and female talent. 

This project benefits 76 girls from Years 6 to 9 that contact weekly with one of 8 Mentors selected by ALG. This contact intends primarily to secure the girls wellbeing by early signalling of at-risk cases. Secondly it seeks to promote female talent by raising awareness on topics such as early marriage and pregnancy, the importance of school, Covid19 prevention measures, transmission of STD’s, vocational orientation, among others.

This project will occur during a full year and counts with the local support of our After-Class Support Monitors, Psychologist Ácio and Coordinator Elisa. The budget for this project is £13.450, of which c.£11.494 is financed by a Portuguese Governmental Institution, Instituto Camões.

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