Day 2: Pre-Schools stayed at home…but with homework!

With children’s schools closed and a government requirement for families to stay at home, the ALG Pre-school students lost a big part of their group educative experience.

ALG tried to reduce the negative impact of a suspension in school activities by distributing monthly exercises to these children. This has allowed them to keep a school routine and develop cognitive abilities. With short and easy exercises, such as painting the biggest flower or their family, our Teachers copied exercises into their notebooks to hand out at the monthly distributions. These were occasions where we distributed basic food baskets to the families to compensate for the lack of school meals. Parents shared how children were engaged and committed to their homework, enjoying the activity on offer. 

With this initiative, teachers also felt less alone, more useful and connected to their students during the lockdown. During this time and depiste pre-schools being closed, ALG never stopped paying the monthly gratification of our staff. 

Despite the social distancing, 219 children felt closer to ALG Pre-schools and the games and play that they were used to.

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